From the humble planetary atom to a vast universe of textures and elements. MPC strikes out to re-invent traditional sofa advertising. 
A journey of scale, each TV commercial explores the craft and materials that go into each Sofology product in a graphic story of VFX and design.
Textures and elements.

A large part of this project explored how to create abstracted, scale-less elements out of the components the build a sofa. From a single particle all the way to thread, metals, springs, foam, wood and fabrics. Breaking apart the sofa, the team at MPC analyzed their properties, reconstructing them in weird and imaginative ways.

Houdini particle systems, liquid solvers, thread simulations and more were extensively designed and developed to create an epic world of detail.
Materials and components.

High resolution scans were were mapped to various cloth sims to explore the fine detail of each fabric featured. Components were modeled with precise detail to explore the deconstructed fixtures and fittings that make up each sofa.
Motion control.

Using the BOLT motion control camera system to seamlessly transition from the world of 3D textures and elements into live action was carefully planned out. Choreographed dynamic camera moves were animated, filmed and stitched together with a 3D camera track to create a fluid journey from the Sofology universe to the living room.
Further credits

Myrna Kinnman, Kerim Camdzic, Daena Lorne, Lewis Orton, Nikita Shestakov, Saga Alayyoubi, Piers Limberg, Guillaume Weiss, Stephan Haidacher, Marcel Ruegenberg, Zoe Izzard. Making of Audio by Model 86.