3D Motion Graphic Logistic Zone

LOGISTIC AREA     -    المنطقة اللوجيستية المتكاملة

Genral Authority of Civil Aviation   -    الهيئة العامة للطيران المدني

General Authority of Civil Aviation had challenge to us, they want video will present to the saudi Kingdom Prince about the new logistic area they didin't have any information about it , so they came to Fir ..

we start to collect all information from the Specialists ,We worked on the storyboard as quick as we can and give it to them they approved with a Lots of admiration then we gone with the illustration then we finished all the animation, voice over & SFX .

Account Manager : 

Creative Director : 

3D Rendering : 

Animator : 
Osama Elghrbawy

Junior Graphic Designer : 
Yossif Ahmed

Copywriting :

Voice Over : 
3D Motion Graphic Logistic Zone