The Story.

I haven't much wondered about copyright things.
In the sense that I often found inspiration in other people's work, while creating my own.

Until I saw the same icons that I did, but that was selling someone else.
It made me think hard.

Is there any copyright on the Internet?
I created a set of icons on the topic of copyright, with a couple of questions that are not easy to answer.


– Perhaps I will copy this element, it's so cool drawn... 

– Hey, these purple characters will look great on our website, please draw the same...

– What, our logo is too similar to this one from 1989? 
– No way, they are different, here we drew the line above.

Are such action a theft or is it just an inspiration?
Where is the edge?

The Law.

It sounds right, but ... how?
How can an individual artist protect own rights?

Sure, you can patent the design. 
But by what principles?

Two pixels to the right, the line to the left – now it’s different, but it looks similar.
It's visible to the author, not always to others.

The Creator.

So who is the author?

Whoever came up with the idea? 
Or the one who did it?

Maybe this is the one who patented it?
Legally it’s true, but was he the creator?

Try to prove when it comes to money.

The License.

– I thought that I could take a picture from Google and use it on my site.

It's a classic response on a request about the misuse of copyrighted works.
Yes, you are supposed to buy a license.

For Free.

You know these resources.

Where you can download any stuff for free.
Cracked software. Films. Music. Games. 
All that you want.

Free of charge.


Sure, we all borrow ideas from each other, inspired by design and admiring such beautiful works!
But you need to respect the work of another designer, and not mindlessly copy it in pursuit of quick profits.

It needs hours to form an icon, but it takes a minute to copy it.


Do you like the icons?
You can download them for free. I'm an author, so it's legal👌

But please don't forget to specify the name of the author while using. 
A small donation will also be appreciated 🖤🖤🖤

You can also purchase a license for the entire collection of Futuro icons — a set of 1200 handcrafted symbols and metaphors, on which I worked for more than two years.

Thanks for all who support the authors!
You are the best!

Futuro Icons / Copyright Issue (Free Set)

Futuro Icons / Copyright Issue (Free Set)

Is there any copyright on the Internet? I created a set of Futuro icons on this issue, with a couple of questions that are not easy to answer.