Hello everyone...
Finally, my behance account is filled with one design after 3 years of not posting anything in this account. Actually, I have uploaded several lettering design but I changed their privacy from public to draft, lol

Hello guys!
My name is Ahmad Faishal, but usually called faishol. Ahmad Faishal also known as Faisholisol is a Lettering Artist from Indonesia. Lettering Artist who works for clothing, apparel, merchandise, logo brand (product), signature logo, logotype and more. Creative designer who focuses on Custom Lettering Logo, Calligraphy and Typography design

I am familiar with lettering at the end of December 2016, and focus on hand lettering in 2017 until now. I have 6 years experience in graphic design

I'm a freelancer. Custom lettering freelancer who works for clothing, apparel, merch, logotype, signature logos and more. I'm also a font designer by the way

I think, I will only upload my best lettering and commissions work project on this Behance account. So if you want to see my other work, you can check and maybe follow me on Instagram to see my personal project, wip works and other recent works. Go follow me on Instagram @faisholisol

Okay, maybe this is all I want to say, for another story I will write in the next project :)

Likes, comments, and shares are appreciated!



Word "Halo" design in custom hand lettering style with yellow, orange, and white color make the design looks shiny and bright