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    The campaign seeks to decrease the tendency to buy Chinese goods in Chinese shops. The audience for this publicity exercise were middle class, li… Read More
    The campaign seeks to decrease the tendency to buy Chinese goods in Chinese shops. The audience for this publicity exercise were middle class, literate, visually awake, and visual culture Curious enough to repair this type of graphical aesthetic. Read Less
Made in China
Viral Campain


the briefing consisted in create a campaign seeking to decrease the buying tendency of Chinese goods in Chinese shops. (in portugal is a topic worth of discussion as chinese citizens have extraordinary tax benefits, and they are generally called "chinese shops") 

Therefore stickers looking alike the typical chinese's store price tags, were plotted in the same vibrant orange, and sticked around in either bad quality public materials/objects (whether they were produce in china or not, at this point was not important) or on very typical and beloved portuguese traditional objects/material as tiles or special pavements (calçada). All this in order to highlight the known LOW quality of these cheap chinese products that every one is buying and complaining about ("what if you would have bought your house in a cheap shop?") and at the same time get the attention about the risk of outsourcing, and transform a very typical and loved tradition and identity icon in a import product...

The audience for this publicity exercise is a middle class, literate, visually awake, and Visual&culture Curious enough to notice this type of graphic aesthetic.
Due to the style adopted, and keeping the same concept and aesthetics, the campaign ended up taking institutional boundaries. Readable, serious, direct, interesting, and flexible enough to enable the viewer to have opinions and create their interpretations, besides what is advertised institutionally...
The media chosen are restricted to Mupis and Postcards other than the fisical stickers. It is a campaign that requires time for observation, and as such must be present where it can be properly interpreted or even the palm of the hand.

Slogans are wirtten in a non traditional way, using special unusual and specific non agressive vocabulary but without forgetting the importance of the message.

Stickers: ~700x Orange self-sticker vinil, cut on plotter
Place: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Sinopse PT
A campanha apresentada pretende contrariar o excesso de compras em lojas chinesas, e de produtos produzidos na china. O público-alvo deste exercício publicitário pertence à classe média, literata, visualmente desperta, curioso e com cultura visual suficiente para reparar neste tipo de estética gráfica.
Devido ao estilo adoptado e às variantes aplicáveis, mantendo sempre o mesmo conceito, a campanha acabou por tomar contornos institucionais. Legível, séria, directa, interessante, e flexível o suficiente para que alem do que é institucionalmente publicitado o espectador possa tecer opiniões e criar segundas interpretações...
Os suportes escolhidos cingem-se a Mupis e Postais. É um campanha que requer tempo de observação, e como tal tem de estar presente onde possa ser devidamente interpretada ou mesmo na palma da mão do individuo

Stickers: ~700x Vinil autocolante Laranja cortado em plotter
Local: Caldas da Rainha

Outdoor posters created with the picts taken after the intervention
Photos base's for the posters 

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