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    Custom type design.
Only The Strong
Custom type design.
A custom typography poster design for my brother in law Greg Rich. Greg was recently in a house fire where he burned over 85% of his body and almost lost his life. He has been recovering for the past 6 months and is now on a strict rehabilitation schedule so he can regain his independence. Greg embodies the spirit of a fighter and has shown strength beyond measure.

I chose the phrase "Only The Strong" because I wanted to pay tribute to his strength and courage and show him he is an inspiration to myself and to his whole family.

If you would like to know more about Greg Rich you can follow him and his recovery on Greg Rich Recovery Page

Thanks for watching.

Steve Goodin
The print is being sold over at my deviant art prints page. 100% of whatever I can make selling this print will go to Greg and his family.
Thank You