Film for Parkeringsapp, Fredrikstad Kommune
Parking App Film

The client is the city of Fredrikstad, Norway and the product they need to explain is their parking app “Fredrikstad P”. We were challenged to explain the basics of the app in 20 seconds for a commercial spot at the local cinema. We decided on a low poly style and few, but visually strong elements to emphasize the story.   

The whole project from concept to final render is done in-house. 

The narrator goes through quite a bit of details in the short story. So to avoid confusing the viewer, we decided from the start to do it all in one shot. We used one continuous camera movement to avoid the film from feeling static.

Behind the scenes

Script and Storyboard
At normal speed, 20 seconds of narrating allows for 60 words. We went quite a bit back and forth to weigh each and every word in the script. Our dummy VO-recordings came it at around 19 seconds, and we timed an animatic to this. However, when we had a voice over professional read this the takes came out at 25 seconds. So we had to apply a little sound editing magic to the voice over, shortening pauses and speeding it all up… With the final edited VO as a basis we adjusted the animated events to match the voice, creating a final animatic for client approval. 


The low poly look was applied to the assets we had to make and the look had to be consistent. The key elements were the car (which ended up as a small sedan, because we thought it was a bit more quirky than the hatchback used in the animatic) and the phone. We decided to keep the phone a bit more realistic than the rest to make it stand out more. 
Rigging for animation
Our hero car was rigged for animation, with extra controls for drifting, body roll and dynamics. All of these properties were exaggerated in the animation to create a playful motion.
Scene Setup
The final scene is built much like for a miniature model shot, where we add the various environment elements to the areas that the camera will see during the animation. 
Compositing of render elements
After scene setup and animation, everything is rendered. We render several separate elements that are then composited together in After Effects to give us the final image. We do this in order to have a greater degree of control in the compositing and finishing phase.
From top left:
Clouds, Sky, Lens Flares, Reflections, RGB-Pass, Light emitted from the phone, and finally three different RGB masks for isolating elements in compositing. 
Film for Parkeringsapp, Fredrikstad Kommune
Multiple Owners
Elis Barmen