Ethics of the father
This is the second book in a series of multi-language books (8 languages) that we have been in charge of producing.  

The first book in the series was given as a gift to the Pope and to the King of Spain. We are excited to finish this second book, and curious where it will make its way. 
This current book is a multi-language version of “The Ethics of the Fathers”, combining the traditional text in eight languages: 
Our journey to produce this book started in the library where we were seeking out old versions of the text in different languages, and then continued to typing, editing, and analyzing the text. 
It took us to virtual meeting with artists and illustrators from around the world, trying to create a visual richness that will accompany the richness of sounds of the different languages. And to in-person meetings with speakers of different languages, born in different countries and now living nearby, who revised the text and layout with us. Meetings that became most interesting learning sessions about moral questions, with personal and universal meaning. 
This ancient text, thousands of years old, joined us with people we would never otherwise meet, due to (and sometimes despite) the physical distance. 
Neighbors from the next street over, 
or from the other side of the fence, border, 
people we would have passed in the mall, 
became partners for learning a traditional text together in a coffee shop. 
Arabic illustration by  Beatrice Poggio
Spanish illustration by Paulina Vårregn
Russian illustration by Juli Puli
Chinese illustrator by  Uncle Ray
French illustration by Ismaël Ndir
Italian illustration by Barbara Monacelli
Hebrew paper-cut by David Fisher 
English illustration by - Elisheva Mostovicz

We hope this is only the beginning of this book’s journey. 
A journey that will lead to many more meetings, intersections between people and cultures, 
between old and new, far and near, 
between those who speak your language and those who don’t, 
to a discussion of how we become better people. 
Maybe together.

Photography by Yehoshua Derovan
Ethics of the Fathers - Pirkei Avot