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    Memory Mix is a new innovative way for Millenials and young adults to share their audio in a tangible way.
This summer I was blessed to be hired on as a design intern at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. I was given the task of creating several projects that involved illustration, hand lettering, and graphic design. The group I worked with were amazing and I was very pleased with the all of the projects I was assigned to work on.
I was hired full time after my internship ended and will be posting more work I have done for Hallmark as it comes in Stores throughout the coming months. At Hallmark, near the end of the internship we have our "intern Project Week". This project was created with a group of 2 other designers, an editor, and a design engineer.
Group: Anna Defazio Alexis Copeland Mat Nguyen Valerie Speck
Memory Mix is a way for there to be tangible audio sharing for millenials and young adults. 
-Our objective was to help Hallmark understand how a transitional young adult would share meaningful audio in a tangible way.
-Also, How do they tangibly share clips that have been captured from a specific event?
Our Solution was a clever twist on a sound card that could be customized to each consumers needs.
This solution is an innovative way to send sound cards, while keeping the consumer engaged and excited.
Our Solution was that to receive a gift via snail mail brings an element of surprise and nostalgia.
The Packaging is displayable and unique, the outside seems like a normal cardboard box at first.
Then you open it and the interior is unexpected and displays our tagline:
"Share your sounds, Play your memories"
Below the tape lies a hidden message that can be customized for a friend, and the friend will understand the meaning of the message played.
The Final Solution is innovative. Once you pick up your cassette, simply rotating your fingers on the reels forward will play your message. Also, rotating them backward will rewind the message just like a normal cassete tape would.
When placed in the box, simply press play and the message will play from the speakers on both sides.
Tape Sketches
Tape Option #1
Tape Option #2
Valentine's Day Option to show how it could expand into Holidays and other avenues.
Package Layout