SnippShot is a minimalistic snippet collecting tool.
It's fast and available from any computer.
Here's a quick guide on how SnippShot works.
Why I created SnippShot?

SnippShot is a great example on a well thought User Experience and Interface. If we compare it to other similar services, SnippShot stands out thanks to its uncluttered User Interface and its intuitive way to approach the best User Experience ever. Even without a 4 minute video tutorial anyone can start using it and enjoy the full features of it.

This was a personal project made for two purposes: first of all, none of the existing Snippet Code Tools worked for me, either because they where too slow to use or because I couldn't synchronize them between computers (I use 3 different computers every day and a mobile phone running WinXP, OS X and iOS). The second purpose was to demonstrate how any tool can be simplified to its main functionalities without loosing its usefulness, furthermore, it even gains more value and increases the user satisfaction because "it just damn works".

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