Phototropic Synesthesia
Exhibition & Signage
Phototropic Synesthesia​​​​​​​
Moving Image / Interactive Installation​​​​​​​

2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition - Phototropic Synesthesia

Client: Taichung City Government
Type: Exhibition & Installation

Producer: Hauzhen Yen
Project Manager: Tim Chen
Creative Director: Jay Tseng
Art Director: Chris Lee
Technical Director: Nate Wu
Visual Designer: Chris Lee, Hauzhen Yen, Lynn Chiang, Glenn Huang, Alex Lu, Shin-You Chen
Lighting Designer: Wei-Yu Chen

Sound Director: MUSDM
Sound Designer: MUSDM
Composer: MUSDM
Sound Mixing: MUSDM

Director of Photography: Ray.C, Book Ho
Assistant of Photography: LIang Fa Kan, Chen Kuan Chieh, Hsu Yuan fu
Production Manager: Jay Lee, Prolong Lai, Herry Chang, William Liu, Alex Lu
Assistant Production Manager: Peter Chen, Ya Ting Lin
Location Manager: Isabella Chang

Promote Video: Ting-An Ho
Promote Video Music: IGLOOGHOST

Special Thanks: archicake design, Sean Yang, Sheng Yuan Hung, YUYUPAS, Tian Mi Xin Orchard

Design by UltraCombos Co., Ltd.

Phototropic Synesthesia