Seven Versions : Eighty Nine Iterations

The image set used for the piece deserved a deeper exploration. There were several impasses during the work when I had to adjust the direction just to keep the ballerina image at all. I don’t think this reduced the works value as much as it suggested to me that I should investigate the image sets without the ballerina.

Nothing developed for the Knorr Ballerina Two piece was used in Phoenix 341. This was important for the work to have its own history without borrowing directly.  As a result of this decision the Chicken graphic (from the Chinese Knorr packaging) became the focus, not the monkey face (taken from an antique toy) as I originally expected.

The other unexpected star of Phoenix 341 was the paper itself. I wanted the structure of the piece to allow the paper to create shallow plates that the unfolded packaging or “skins” would exist on. As the work evolved it became important to manipulate these spaces to prevent the work from becoming a diorama. The plates needed to function more irrationally, not just plates stacked on top of each other.

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Verion Two "C" : Iteration Eight
Verion Two "E" : Iteration Eighteen
Verion Two "F" : Iteration Fourteen
Verion Three : Iteration One
Verion Three : Iteration Two    ( Series Final )
Phoenix 341