A culture of Adobe For All.
At Adobe, we recognize the importance of building a diverse culture not only around race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, and age, but also around background, experience, and ideas. Adobe connects those with similar interests and passions, promotes inclusion, and creates a healthy, fun, and collaborative workplace with the help of our employees.

Here is the identity that was created to support Adobe for All diversity and inclusion initiative. The main idea behind it was to make employees the stars of it. Instead of talking about diversity we've decided that it would be better to simply show it.​​​​​​​ We've taken black and white portraits of employees, cropped them to a square shape, and mixed them with duotone treatments to create a pattern. Striking color palette became a quick visual identifier for all AFA communications. Square block pattern served as a visual link to the grid of employee portraits. Bold all caps typography was used for quotes and phrases that captured the spirit of Adobe for All. As for the logo, it combined an elegant, custom typography with a hidden equal sign and was contained inside of a rectangular shape that became a seal to finish off the look.

• grid of B&W and duotone portraits
• square pattern
• striking color palette 
• bold all caps typography
• logo used as a seal

Having all of these elements provided us with endless combinations.
Logo placement


Portrait duotones

Square pattern
Usage examples: Poster series

T-shirt and free standing signs
Keynote layouts
Digital signage

Portrait photography: Angela DeCenzo
Custom logo typography: Brian Yap
Keynote layouts: Joe Buchwald
Design production: Jonathan Hull
Adobe for All initiative

Adobe for All initiative

Identity for 'Adobe for All' diversity and inclusion initiative.


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