a series of 10 paintings

„Rondo“ (from the French „rondeau“ - circle, round movement)
- a musical form with a recurring main theme

„Rondi“ are above all wishes
originating from di erent situations
and manifesting themselves again and again
and which seemingly cannot be ful lled once forever
but similar to body balance ask to be restored
if not with every step
then in any case with a certain recurrence.
This picture series is an attempt at their fulfilment,
to materialize them with painting.

1) transparent body
oil on canvas, 45 x 37 cm, 2017

One of the  rst
was the wish for a particular
kind of transparency, namely
for a transparent memory
in order to be able to look through it
like through a clean glass and
discern even the smallest moments of happiness.

2) support (anatomy theatre)
oil on cotton, 40 x 50 cm, 2017

The second - the wish to
hold one‘s own
evoked the image of a kind of
theatre where a red silk ribbon
bound around the spine
is to convey a semblance of
support from within​​​​​​​

„- Female breast! - An armour
That is yielding!...“
Marina Tsvetayeva
3) scale armour
oil on cotton, 50 x 40 cm, 2017

a female armour
of birch leaves,
sh scales and paints
to create a likeness of
some kind of a shield
at peace time

Installation views at the Sternstudio Vienna. Photos by Georg Schiessler

7) quartz crystal
oil on cotton 40 x 30 cm, 2017

following a similar principle
as the  ame
out of tension within one‘s chest
over time a kind of a quartz crystal
may grow
quartz in a way helps us to feel time

„Come back, soul, and take me out a feather!“
Joseph Brodsky
8)  :-)
egg tempera and oil on cotton, 65 x , 2013-2017

Once the play of  utes passed like
a stream of air through
the top of my head
into the body, and I painted this picture.

9) once transparent body
acrylics and oil on cotton, 80 x 60 cm, 2017

10) little twig
oil on cotton, 28 x 21 cm, 2015

experiencing growth