Done chiefly for my own amusement - a tribute to the software development package that helped me to cut my teeth in the world of Real Programming* - Borland Turbo Pascal
I used a few reference images of the old box artwork and user guide book covers for the colour scheme and layout, and Illustrator CS6 to put it all together.
For those who've never heard of or seen Turbo Pascal, it was an popular and cheap software development package in the 1980's and 1990's, original targetting the CP/M and DOS operationg systems used by the various home and personal computer systems, based on the Pascal programming language created by Nicklaus Wirth and named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. Subsequent versions of Turbo Pascal incorporated object-oriented programming techniques and paradigms, and later on targetted Microsoft Windows. This in turn led to the Delphi programming language / IDE, which continues to this day.
[*In case anyone suggests that I'm a quiche-eater, I'll have you know I was developing software to do tape duplication at the time, with x86 Assembler code handling the low-level stuff and Turbo Pascal for the front-end display.]