r   i   g   h   t
 Near the end of last year, the phone brand VIVO invited me to make a concept film for their upcoming new product — VIVO NEX, to reflect the biggest feature of their mobile phones - both front and back are screens. This is a very fresh design. which allows the phone to be used on both side, which gives me a bold idea: 

Is it possible to create a Reverse Film  ——  A film that can be watched both forward and backward.

I want to explore the film version of Negative Space. trying to create a parallel universe in this way, telling a story about choice, to express the slogan of this product - the future is more than one side.

Left  /  Right
Is it left or right? When I face the choice, I am always very entangled and hope to get the answer ahead of time.

Dream  /  Reality
But then I found that the road to persistence in dreams would be more difficult than I thought. And the compromise of reality doesn't mean failure, but another experience.  So there is no right or wrong choice,As long as you take this step, you are right. Because

the future is more than one side​​​​​​​
In fact, I also think that this film is a bit too experimental. I don't know If it is a good one , but just like what I want to express in the film, There is nothing wrong to try it XD


Thanks to Zaoeyo for creating a huge amount of scene concepts and tone research

suit man
Charactor designed by Mark Chang
Rigging system made by Kangddan