Bloomfield Farm Honey Packaging
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    Bloomfield Farm Honey Packaging
Brand Story 
Family owned and operated Bloomfield Farm is located three hours outside of Kansas City. Beekeeping became part of the farm's daily activity in the 1980's. First sold purely to family and friends, their honey can now be found in high-end specialty stores in the Kansas City area. Another one of the family's passions is growing wildflowers, exemplified by their inclusion of wildflower seeds within the actual paper of their packaging. A farm to fork packaging project, Bloomfield Farm Honey was designed for the primary audience of a woman in her late 20's, blogger/stylist, who has a cat named Mr. Meogwi.
Plant your packaging and watch it grow!
Symbols Representing the Flower to Flower Process:
Bees use the pollen from flowers to produce honey and then the honey packaging can be planted to grow wildflowers.