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    Visual description of a short trip outside the city over a RailWay.
What is the magic about walking along a railWay? Maybe the idea of stepping only on the wooden ties, remembering when you were just a kid playing not to step on the lines over the sidewalk plot of the city; or maybe just pretending you are in a long train trip, wich is one of your favorite ways of traveling; or simply the things you find on your way.
Natural things, artificial things, old things, new things, usefull things, useless things, religious things, or just nothing but the nature, the landscape, yourself, a good human friend and a good dog friend.
Never forgetting that off course you are walking on a specific beat, setted by the ties, and that as every way, there is an end and it is allways the moment when you remember the path you just took.
David Peñaloza.