I was tasked to make an illustration showcasing the wonders of Manila through a personal perspective. I figured I'd go with street food because of the rich local cuisine. From sun up 'til sun down, vendors of all sorts roam the streets with their colourful array of goodies ready to fill the hungry Filipino's tummy. Some of the local delicacies we're known for are shown in this piece, namely: 
-   Taho (chilled tofu with tapioca balls)
-   Isaw (Grilled pig or chicken intestine)
-   Siomai (pork dumplings)
-   Kwek-kwek (fried quali eggs wrapped in orange dough)
-   Sorbetes (also known as "Dirty Ice Cream", small scooped ice cream usually in flavours of cheese,
     chocolate, and avocado)
-   Banana Cue (sweet bananas lightly fried in caramelized sugar)
The exhibit was held in Escolta, Manila last November 5, 2012.