In the dog

Automatic feeder

‘In the dog’ is a body composition analyzer automatic feeding machine that analyzes your pet's body composition.
We combined the automatic feeding machine with body composition analyser. 
Even if you don't care, you can check the body composition of the pet at every meal.

While the dog market is growing, the number of single-person households is increasing.
People want to check their dogs' health regularly, but there's only one person in the household who can take care of them.
It's also cumbersome to visit a hospital to check the condition of your pet.

We don't know the health of our dogs, and they can't tell us. So we always give dog food as a quantification.
Dogs end up gaining weight or becoming unhealthy and nutritious.

Gradient CMF is ideal for interior interior design.

The front of this product is a camera and LED.

There is a metal tread plate to check your dog's health.

The app provides detailed information about dogs, so you can take care of them in more detail.
In the dog