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    OmniKreations logo design.
This project was a challenging one - it required me to design a logo for a creative movment I'm a part of called OmniKreations. We are a company that range from music production to making short films and music videos. As we were starting out, a logo was needed to act as a representative for the company. My first initial idea for it was an abstract one. After a while, I had a few more ideas and often noted a lot of ideas in my sketchbook. It was only with the help of my partners Grace Macalino and Nicole Crentsil that a final logo was made. Challenging project, but fun.
Be sure to check out OmniKreations:
Original logo used with a business card template
My alternate version of the OmniKreations logo
Variation of logo design 1
Variation of logo design 2
Variation of logo design 3
Final logo
Possible logo background using logo: made by Grace Macalino