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LIEN國際顧問公司主要服務來自各行各業的人,將行銷與溝通結合為一門藝術,引導每個專業人的特質去行銷自己。我們將LIEN的企業理念以黃金比例的方式導入整個識別設計, 當客戶面臨的困難及問題(A),LIEN行銷上的專業分析(B),提供客戶所需的解決方式(C),讓同心圓(A)(B)交疊出(C)區域,(C)代表「LIEN」與「客戶」也就是「詮釋溝通」這件行為。最後在兩者間加入十字螺絲釘,強化整個品牌的符號印記,並象徵LIEN在兩者的重要性及平衡性。

LIEN International Consulting Company mainly serves people from all walks of life, combining marketing and communication into an art, guiding each professional's characteristics to market themselves.

We introduce LIEN's corporate philosophy into the entire identification design in a golden ratio. When customers face difficulties and problems (A), professional analysis (B) on LIEN marketing provides customers with the solutions (C). The intersected area (C) of the concentric circles (A) and (B) stands for the "Interpretation Communication” between the "LIEN" and the “Customer".

Finally, the Phillips screws are added to strengthens the symbolic imprint of the entire brand and symbolizes both the importance and the balance of LIEN.


In the color application, we center on the style of the company's leading person to extend the recognition color of the brand. In the usual black suit style, the faded bright colors express a simple and calm unique atmosphere.


The VIP card design has a simple and uncommon visual sense, which helps to establish credibility. The overall sense uses the concentric circle structure of the LOGO to form an auxiliary pattern, which symbolizes the process of working together to become a professional lecturer in LIEN.
Being a professional speaker is not easy, so when you complete the course, we use the most intensive cross of the brand logo on the card to express the concept of a unique profession.

On the surface of the card, there is a matte texture. It is mapped on the auxiliary pattern through different viewing angles and environments. When shaking it, you will be reminded with the feeling of the hard-won course.

The envelope design of the VIP card is not so simple, meaning that everyone has clothes that suit her/him well. Not every style of clothing is suitable for every person. The design of the envelope calls for the spirit of finding the best clothing that fits you.

LANSID希望能創造出 與品牌標誌能夠有聯結的形象名片 ,將品牌標誌中的的核心印記-十字螺絲釘,及LOGO的邊線以凹凸版強化整個名片的識別度,精簡的印刷工法搭配皮革質感​​​​​​​的奧斯卡紙材襯托品牌的整體風格。

Designed by LANSID 
LIEN Brand Identity