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GIRNI | How to Plan & Make a Graphic Novel? (WIP)

GIRNI is a proposal for a Graphic novel based on The Great Bombay Textile mill strike. This project is just a proposal with a few pages ready to give an idea about how the final style would look like.

This project focuses mainly on the process of making a graphic novel, it talks about the inspiration behind the story, Process, Interviews, site visits, etc. 

This was done as an academic project.
Few pages from the novel
Colored concept for the final book

What's your inspiration?

Explain about the Inspiration Behind the story
if possible then Through pictures,notes,articles, etc.
What lead me to select this topic?
Why do i want to work on this topic?
Do enough research & Take as many references as you can

Research & Reference for Story & Character Inspiration
Take inputs from experts​​​​​​​
Decide your main objective & Decide your audience

Main Objective & Target Audience
Make rough sketches of your characters

Make sketches of your characters based on their personality, age and importance.
Make sketches of your characters

Make as many sketches as you can of your characters doing everyday things, Use as many mediums as you can, explore different styles.
Make sketches for different expressions

Look in the mirror, take reference from your own facial expressions and make as many sketches as you can to practice expressions.
Draw different body postures

Plan your panels, Layouting is important!​​​​​​​
Break your story into chapter 

No Graphic Novel has a single chapter throughout the book, divide your story into different chapters, Make it easier for the reader.
Plan the location

Plan where are the incidents happening, Make layouts of the locations, take reference from maps.
Make layouts for your final pages

Spend enough time designing the title

Spend enough time designing the title of your novel, It's going be on the cover, it's the first impression of your work.
Explore different color mediums & Styles ​​​​​​​

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GIRNI | How to Plan & Make a Graphic Novel? (WIP)

GIRNI | How to Plan & Make a Graphic Novel? (WIP)

Girni : The untold story of bombay textile strike is a Graphic Novel that i am working on. The story and the incidents were inspired by the Great Read More