Reach Labs
Reach labs
Reach Labs is a unique wireless charging system that helps to remotely control the charge level of devices. It works like this - you just put the devices in the charging box and monitor the charge level using the application.

In the video, we talk about people who use different electronic devices at work. Timely charging and readiness of the device to work is an important part of success. Therefore, our characters use Rich Labs in order not to lose focus when the device is suddenly discharged, not to be distracted by searching for wires and not wasting time and energy that can be channeled in the right direction.

When we searched for a style, we focused on a minimalist, graphically stylized language. And we wanted the picture to convey manufacturability and to some extent futuristic, while not divorced from the real life of a person. Hence the violet-silver gamma, the abstract transfer of space, and the stylized characters that have assumed the soft form to be “alive” against the background of all the number of technologies and devices that they use.

The last thing we want to create is "dry explainers", in which there is not even a hint of an understandable human story. Therefore, while creating the script, we divided the video into two logical parts - first piece, where there are characters and we show where and how they can use devices to which the Reach Labs system is applicable, and the infographic part, where we describe the operation of the system from the point of view of technology .
The result was a story about a complex technology, told in simple language, understandable to the user.
Animation process
C R E D I T S:

Client / Reach Labs
Production / Untime Studio 

Director / Liza Tarasova
Project manager / An Biryukova
Illustration / Ira Voilenko, Olya Kovalenko
Cel animation / Liza Tarasova
2d animation / Vlad Zhelykhovskyi, Sergey Stripachenko, Liza Tarasova, Zhanna Sirenko
Sound design / John Poon
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Reach Labs