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    A new comp for the upcoming redesign for
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A new version
This is actually the fourth option I have created for the new (Fitzgerald+CO company website). The background image is a nod to the historical significance of the name of the building we are moving to (Terminus) and to the orgins of the part of town we are in (Buckhead).

Terminus was the name of Atlanta before and during the Civil War due to the fact that all of the confederate rail lines ended here. Buckhead got it's name when a deranged citizen put a decapitated deer head on a street corner to serve as a landmark. Therefore, I showed a buck meandering through a modern city street to convey the idea of old school traditionalism giving way to modern city life and, in turn, to show our agencies attempt to transform itself from a traditional agency to a more digitally savvy shop.
The widget in the center of the page house all of the site's content, including the navigation, making everything easy to find and easy to navigate. The header changes every ten seconds and rolling over the plus sign at any time expands the widget to reveal all of the content associated with that section.
Example of the expanded widget for the news section.
All of the animation is handled with jQuery and Javascript, which means that everything will work properly on a smartphone.