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Lessons in Riding
Grafa, a cycling lifestyle retail outlet and cafe based in Kuala Lumpur, is the place to be for fixed gear enthusiasts and the cycling community. But what about the eager first-timers and those curious to know more? To welcome these visitors and the regulars, McCann Kuala Lumpur produced 'Lessons In Riding' a series of posters that educated even the most seasoned of cyclists, through 3 distinct topics:
1) An introduction to the fixed gear bicycle
2) Cycling safety tips
3) Health benefits of cycling

While the words aimed to educate and entertain, the design approach and printing technique paid tribute to everything that represented a fixed gear bicycle; a minimalist design made up of all the right parts and assembled (or in our case, printed) by hand. The posters were placed all around Grafa, at sections relevant to the topics and nature of their respective design.