NIKE Campus Art pieces with Omacke, O.OO , Keflione.

In October 2018, Nike decided to give a refresh to their Shanghai headquarters.
They gave us the amazing opportunity to commission and produce the creation of inspiring artworks by 3 artists from the local scene for their office building.

We worked closely with the team, the artists and our production partners, sharing ideas and best practices from the early stage of the project to the final installation of the pieces, to make the best of these collaborations.


A Shenzhen transplant from Canada, Omacke is a street artist who takes cue from Chinese culture and everyday scenes in his modus operandi. 
For this project, he was tasked to bring an athletic zest to our office by portraying some of our favorite basketball stars. 
He spray-painted the artworks on the rooftop of the studio, before fine-tuning them with brushes to bring the athletes’ features and movements to life. 
He specifically made three smaller pieces featuring the well-liked players among Chinese basketball aficionados. 

How many iconic players do you recognize?


How do you inject new energy into the classic? 
Pip Lu from the graphic designer duo at OO.O Studio has the answer. 
Timeless Air Max 95, 97, and 270 are given a new lease of life by a mesmerizing visual language and innovative UV printing technique. 

The psychedelic colorway is anything but bland, and is achieved through printing certain layers of the artwork several times. Not surprisingly, this Taiwanese artist is known for her unconventional, idiosyncratic approach to art. 
Check out how she uses Risograph printing to celebrate the beauty of spontaneity and imperfection.


Skateboard culture, hip-hop music, and Art deco are the recurring themes in the practice of French artist Keflione, lending an of-the-moment sensibility to his work. 
In his prolific career, this Central Saint Martins alumnus does not shy away from experimenting with different techniques. In his creative output for the Li Na building, unexpected Chinese cultural references meet Nike’s Force elements in an eclectic range of monochrome graphics. 

He then elevated the works with his pursuit of perfection and excellence, covering them with resin for a tactile quality. 

The final results? Whimsical forms and glossy finish that will not go unnoticed.


Creative Direction: Nike & Royalclub
Art Direction: Omacke, Studio O.OO, Keflione
Production: Royalclub
Pictures: Gabriel Jorby
Copywriting: Fai Yao for Royalclub & Nike
NIKE Campus Art pieces with Omacke, O.OO , Keflione.

NIKE Campus Art pieces with Omacke, O.OO , Keflione.


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