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    Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design Year 1 Ambient advertising and app
The brief:
Choose an issue that you feel strongly about, decide what you want to say about it, create experimental ways of communicating this message in the 3D environment.
The outcome:
The Think Before You Drink ambient campaign uses bathroom mirrors to give you a first hand look at what excessive alcohol consumption could do to you. 
The app which gives you the motivation to drink responsibly, but not only promotes change in attidutes towards excessive alcohol consumption, but also gets people to act on these attitudes, giving them the extra motivation to drink in moderation. Using contactless payment and mobile technology, the app gets you to autorise alcohol-related payments by solving quick puzzles to verify sobriety. Attention span, comprehension  and coordination are the first to be affected by alcohol. The puzzles test these abilities. Succesfully solving a puzzle lets you complete your alcohol purchase, while failing stops you being able to buy drinks using your phone for a number of hours.