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    Orphic Fragments is a unique trip in the places where i was born, the countryside around a small village in the north of Italy. I wasn't searchin… Read More
    Orphic Fragments is a unique trip in the places where i was born, the countryside around a small village in the north of Italy. I wasn't searching for a specific memory of my childhood or something like this, but for a new fiction, or a new reality, inspired by the mood of the italian symbolist Dino Campana poetry. He isn't very famous internationally, but his works can be compared in some ways to Arthur Rimbaud. I can tell you an emblematic verse that suggest the feeling you get from his works, and i hope also from mine. "So I know a sweet music in my memory remember it without even a note: I know it is called the departure or return ..." Some critics says, talking about his works, that the essence of the music is not in the sounds, but in the silence that follow and anticipate those sounds. Is not a melody but a shape of the soul, detached and in harmony with things. So, in my project the figures in the landscape aren’t in a place or a time, there is always something else, a vision of something never happened, something unrevealed in the memory. Coming back in the countryside of my childhood became a trip to discover something I never knew. "Orphic" is the meaning of this strange trip, it means something mystic, obscure, not easily understandable. This can be also a problem for a photographic project, that most of the time need to communicate something specific. I started making picture looking at the tradition of documentary photography and reportage, but pretty soon i discovered that this kind of approach didn't fit for me. I think that photography used to report a specific news or fact in history is not effective anymore. So, through editing, i tried to make something different creating a fiction, that at the end seems to me the only real thing. I've been looking for some original essence, something that of course have been lost along the way of history. I was allowing just few guidelines, visually and poetically. The landscape and the figures maybe are just a mirror of my trip, a nostalgic evocation, in a restlessness and loneliness mood, a dialogue with the night. This project was made during all 2012. Now i live in Rome, a big city, and i took several trip of about one week each to my native small town. I just started to go around the countryside, enjoying places that i've never seen before, looking at them in a new light, and searching for something. That something was not clear at the beginning, was just something that i felt inside and eventually came out trip after trip. Read Less