Deliria Mobile Game
2107. Earth has been ravaged by an asteroid approximately 50 years ago. Dimensional rifts spawned creatures that tore civilizations apart. Scientists harnessed the rifts' powers to force open dimensional gateways. Dimension LG7 allows the harvest of Delirium - an almost unlimited power source with paranormal properties. Its full potential is unknown.

You are the overseer hired by El Corp., tasked with setting up and running a delirium mining base camp on Dimension LG7. As you wake from your landing, you discover that only a few of your crew remains, the rest are stranded in the wormhole’s chrono-distortion.

You must now recover the lost crew members, build up your defense and complete your mission.

Deliria features beautiful and haunting alien landscapes to discover. Mercenaries for hire as mysterious figures attack your base. High tech base defense technology to be upgraded to aid your efforts. You may even discover the enigmatic force driving the dimension’s hostile inhabitants.

You will be challenged on your resource management and decision making skills on a beautifully hand drawn sci-fi landscape. Discover horrifying implications from previous miners as you explore the lush swampy grounds, ravenous mountains, mesmerizing crystal formations and many more.

The dimension also holds deep dark destructive powers that you can claim for yourself, to ensure that you and your crew are able to survive the unrelenting onslaught of enemies.

Secure those walls, upgrade your weapons, lock and load your plasma rifle, and strap down for a haunting adventure of exploration, discover and base defense.
References and Inspiration. A clean and smooth art direction was desired to create a clear legibility on smaller mobile screens.
I try to create and add characteristics to each design to reflect the units and troops associated with the building.
Most of the design went unused as we kept refining the design and art direction
Instead of each building acting on its own, we tried to see how combining them into one large compound would look and designed together.
Enemies that usually attack at night and local wildlife that populates the planet during the day.
Early character concepts of the overseer who leads various mercenaries that will defend the overseer and the base as he does not have any weapons.
End game bosses that guard the ends of the map causing players to defeat them before they can explore any further.
Final building designs and evolution process and upgrading along with their respective destroyed state. The mines can only be built on delirium mining spots scattered around the map.
The headquarters grow in size and become part of the map and environment. They are guarded by walls and turrets that can be upgraded. Game ends if either head quarters or the overseer dies.
Various artifacts scattered around the map that unlocks powerful weapons and is part of the mysteries of the planet. The mines can only be built on Delirium Mining Spots which represent currency in this game.
Various spots of the map that is the main concept of the game's exploration. Each environment seamlessly merges into the next, the challenge was to export and work on the map as it is fully hand painted without any copy and pasting. Each section of the map is fully unique.
The map has various points of interest and can only be explored fully once the boss guardians are defeated allowing the overseer to travel further along the map. The map takes roughly a few minutes to travel from one end to another.
Thumbnail shows the full continuity of the map tiles. We intended to add a day to night cycle but it would have meant that I would have to redraw the entire map for each mood and lighting as there were no options for shaders or blenders in Gamemaker program. We decided to settle on only day and night removing evenings and dusk.
UI was extremely challenging as it has to be done in a way that blends into the game and not act as gaudy windows that pops up and takes away from the immersion. Simplistic buttons with a light glow helps to stand out in the day and night cycles.
Creating the start menu was extremely fun as this is the first look a player will get from the game. It has to be animated and filled with data as if it was a control panel in the game universe. This too went through multiple iterations to get it optimized for mobile.
Figuring out how to animate construction of buildings led to what I call Technofire where data is streamed from Earth to the planet's surface allowing for near instantaneous buildings and upgrades.
Constant upgrading of defenses and troops are vital as hordes of enemies attack each night.
To prevent confirmation buttons and windows to keep popping up, the solution was create a tap and hold confirmation when upgrading or purchasing from the base.
As a passion project developed with a few friends we learned how even a simple game takes over a year to complete. Although challenging and time consuming it was a great experience to find solutions to design problems and solving them through art.
Deliria Mobile Game

Deliria Mobile Game