Back in 5 Minutes 1- Typography Exhibition
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    Artwork for the Back in Five Minutes Exhibition held at Salon 91 in Cape Town. This collection focuses on the hand drawn and textural pieces
During March 2013, Salon91 Gallery celebrated design and typography with ‘Back in 5 minutes’ an exhibition featuring an award winning set of local designers, typographers and illustrators, including Ben Johnston, Clinton Campbell of Studio Muti, Clement de Bruin, Justin Southey, & Dani Loureiro. Each artist has approached the discipline of typography in a fresh & unique style, playing with scale, materials, surface quality, form, colour, dimensionality & of course, words.
This collection showcases the hand drawn and textural pieces
Promotional video by Nicholas James
Gallery Window
Flyer Artwork
Lost in the Deep Blue Sea
Layered lazer cut wood and perspex piece. Hand painted gradient
Dimes at Dawn
Pencil on Ashrad Paper
The Sweetness of a Weary Morning
Typography lazer engraved into clear perspex, layered over hand drawn pattern on ashrad paper
Type was hand drawn and then vectorised.
Digital mock up
Artwork was hand drawn and then vectorised
A Song to Pass Time
Lazer engraved into white perspex
Brutal Hot Siren Whining Night
Pen and ink on ashrad paper
Salon 91 Gallery
Salon 91 Gallery