Okra - Haceb, Range Hood
image by AH Studio - Alejandro Herrada Gonzalez
Modular Undercabinet
Range Hood

Professional project / 2017 / Product Design
Haceb In-house Design and Develoment
Designed by Mauricio Quebedo and Adrian Perez (and the whole Haceb's Design Team)
Development by Luis Felipe Quintero and Gabriel Marín
Visualization by AH Studio - Alejandro Herrada Gonzalez

It is is the best seller range hood in Colombia. Okra is the design that updates the whole hood platform at Haceb. Its modular structure reduces future investment in new designs and time to market, bringing huge beneficial impact in manufacturing. Okra has a user-oriented design for a better cleanability and performance
Users main needs and claims
- Extraction power: Performance could be hence by geometry changes
- Distraction: Users tend to forget running  food preparations on the stove
- Noise: User did not use the product because the noise was unbearable.
- Visibility / lighting: The hoods are mainly used to illuminate preparations. Previous design did not provide a good source.
- Cleanability: Hood buttons gets dirty and user considered disgusting to touch them.

some digital sketches of discarded proposals
image by AH Studio - Alejandro Herrada Gonzalez
Okra was a reinvention in the company manufacturing method, making it faster and high yield with less capex. Its design is carefully crafted in every detail and stands out from competitors.
Okra’s modular structure reduces future investment in new designs and time to market, expanding the range of possibilities.
image by AH Studio - Alejandro Herrada Gonzalez
image by AH Studio - Alejandro Herrada Gonzalez
The horizontal glass provide a barrier to keep clean buttons and improve usability
Okra has a clever Design For Manufacturing approach, thus a simple switch in the cutting die produces as the high as the low cost product.
Due to the radical change in the manufacturing process, it was necessary also to explain the new assembly features at the factory
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Modular Undercabinet Range Hood 
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2017 - 2018

Designd Team
Marcela Jaramillo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Okra - Haceb, Range Hood