YCN Awards 2013

Give Men Permission To Buy Into UGG
Advertising Campaign

brief.Develop creative ideas to increase awareness among men of the Australian fashion brand's UGG product range.

deliverables.An advertising campaign - a series of 3 billboard posters outdoor/indoor ( 4, 6 and 12 Sheet ) and 2 magazine size ( Standard A4 size ) 
adverts to promote the UGG product range. For each of the 5 posters I advertised a different range from their products - Boots, Sneakers, 
Lace-up Shoes, Outdoor Slippers and Sandals.

concept.The key in everything is simplicity. Today in our over saturated with information and choices lives consumers need products and services that simplify their environments. There are so many advertising campaigns all around us with unclear messages that only make our choices harder. So my approach to this brief was to go for the simple and clear message: ''The Ultimate Lifestyle Kit'' for Men = having illustrated the general day to day essential stuff associated with the average young man nowadays as a form of an universal ''Kit'' for them and the only thing that will fully complete that kit is the UGG.

color.Black and white - as clean as possible without much visual clutter with only coloured accent on where the UGG shoe is situated in the certain poster to make the focus bigger. For those accents I used some colours from some of the shoes themselves and went for general more ''male'' colours if I could describe it in a way.

typography.Myriad Pro, with the risk of being considered boring and a cliche maybe, I'd just say it is a clean font and does its job well I loved the way it paired with the elements of the posters especially set all in lowercase.

Thanks for your appreciation.