Hall is considered as an art object. The contrast of materials and content, form and environment. At a while it will be "home" for waiting for the bus. Like any home, it consists of walls and roofs and has a characteristic shape. At all other times, attracting the attention of the object standing alone in a field.

Despite its contrast with the environment, the pavilion will attract attention. As planned, the combination of simple materials and luxury forged bench and will create an atmosphere  of inside the station. Ascetic surroundings and chic furniture, the main idea of ​​reflecting the comfort expectations. So as an important part of the concept is the principle of "separation" form of the house, on the opposite sides road.

The principal difference is in the color of the benches. In the pavilion, "outgoing" it is blue, with "incoming" — green. It is possible to bypass the stop due to increased area. Possible inclusion of details: fluorescent in ridge of the roof or hanging lamp with a semicircular white shade. Four transparent plane-wall and the roof, two of which allow you to place the necessary information or advertising. The pavilion has an urn. Does not exclude the wi-fi. Maximum capacity of 10 people. Structurally stop consists of a glass shell and concrete wall to which 
it is attached. Glass structure consists of planes of laminated glass, fixed to each other with special locking fasteners.


The idea formed the stop location. Any complex object in the natural environment of a foreign look. Therefore, as a simple form 
of a transparent material and do not attract attention. And to emphasize the natural link use the log, which is the same and the bench.

Often to rest on nature to sit on a log or fallen tree stump. In the proposed concept, we not only provide a log, but also make a comfortable
holiday or waiting not "pulling" the man of the existing environment and placing it in a box of standard stop. Image of a tree on the emblem of the city, to strengthen ties with idea. For facilities, a log is cut-seat. Two clear-plane wall, allow to place the information or advertising. The pavilion has an urn. Does not exclude the wi-fi. Maximum capacity of 10 people. Should not complicate stop, designed for short-term stay. The project provides also placing a stop on the opposite side of the road for convenience.

At night can stop lights along the perimeter of the frame. Structurally stop consists of a tree trunk, which is fixed a glass visor. 
The foundation of this design is two massive metal posts. Glass canopy consists of the planes laminated glass fixed to each other with special locking fasteners. The roof has a slope. To prevent decay and other destructive process, the wood is impregnated with a special mixture. Vandal-proof design and provides quick replacement of glasses.