"clockwork sheep"- made this on the day I read "Do androids dream of electric sheep", by Phillip K.Dick
I made this one after watching "Thriller- a cruel picture"
I did this at a consert, while listening to drones
I made this on a day after I saw a lot of fire tracks outside a burning building in the centre of Athens. 
I made this after I worked out with weights for the first time. 
Towards the end of last year I felt the urge to get a calendar, so as not to loose track with obligations, remote deadlines etc. Somewhere in the prosses of keeping daily notes I starting sketching in there and later I came up with the idea of adding a sketch, if not every day, with every opportunity, and when these sketches form a group of thirty I would do something with them, practising  at the same time my not yet mentionable skills as a poster designer. Trying to fit 30 drawings in a larger project proved to be a soul-bending task that made me think of jokes about the number of elephants one can put in a small car, if the elephants were pink. I work on a standard poster size (approximately 46 x 60cm) on Photoshop. For the February project I tried to link the images in a more organic manner. I kept thinking that I might over-work it ( whitch I most probably did) so I saved two preliminary stages as well. I would sure appriciate some feedback on this one. Thank you for visiting!