Bold is Beautiful
They said it couldn't be printed.
In 2008, I designed Bold is Beautiful.  It's a crazy full color image that people claimed could never be printed on a tee. I submitted this design to Design by Humans after a little pressure from folks over at Emptees

After I submitted the design up for voting, I did a little promo for it and told our blog readers and Myspace friends to vote for it. My friends at Emptees really helped me out and the votes on that shirt skyrocketed to record highs much to everyones amazement, including my own.

A month or so went by and the design had the most votes for a shirt ever, but still it was not confirmed a shirt of the day and I was doubting if it would ever be printed. Eventually I got an email on the day of my26th birthday from DBH saying that they had selected my tee as shirt of the day! It was then posted on the site for sale. They finally printed it! And what a good job they did (9 colors)! Take a look at my original excited blog post about it here. They also showed some behind the scenes photos.  It did pretty well and made shirt of the week. It eventually sold out and was restocked a few times to my knowledge. I think you can still buy this tee on the DBH site. Crazy, huh?