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    Illustrated alphabet characters.
For my Children's Illustration class last semester, our assignment was to illustrate three letters of the alphabet along with things that began with the corresponding letter. After lots of brainstorming, I decided I wanted to go with a musical theme and came up with "Beetles playing bluegrass" for B, "Caterpillar conducting" for C, and "Dragonfly doing the disco" for D. I saw this not only as another great opportunity to get in more character designs, but also to demonstrate an effective use of fonts. I wanted the character of the fonts to match, well, the characters themselves. The slab-serif B is tall, weathered, and Western to reflect the country bugs' personalities, while the classical serif C is paired with a more sofisticated bug. The D was (and still is) the biggest challenege. It's curved like the Art Nouveau-inspired fonts of the 70s, but made out of rusted metal. But since all works are never quite finished in an artist's eye, it may always change. 
I'm happy to say that "Alphabet Bugs" was selected to be displayed at Rivet Gallery in the Short North as part of CCAD's Annual Art of Illustration show on the March 16th! Come see it in person, if you'd like!
As always, thanks for taking a peek at my project!
The final layout, after a few initial character studies.
The final art, painted in Photoshop.