AppDynamics is an enterprise software company owned by Cisco. Top enterprises all over the world trust AppDynamics’ products to monitor their business-critical applications. Kallan & Co partnered with AppDynamics to create their new brand identity and design system. The brand was formulated to adopt to various target groups and was distilled using various prototyping methods. It was tested with customers and employees from the first visual sketches through to the final visual direction.

The Emblem

The Emblem also known as The Atom works as a focusing lens. It is the embodiment of everything AppDynamics is. It is the combination of the A and the D, the fundamentals of the name, at the same time as it gives hidden credit to the C and the O in Cisco. The Emblem is the mother of all visual assets used in the brand system.

Electron Language

Building from the logo, the Electrons form a dynamic part of the identity that are used for communicating energy and much more. The Electrons form a unique coded language that are used for self expression. Every application, big or small, always contains a set of Electrons, with a meaning. Electrons are never random visual ornament, for the ones who know, they always come with meaning.

Grid system with electrons

Custom Typeface

AppD Sans is a custom created typeface for AppDynamics. It is an integral part of the identity and it is built based on the electron language, hiding hints of the electron shapes and the 24 degree cut in various places. The typeface is used from the product to marketing materials.

Typeface crafted by:

AppD Sans Thin

Quantum: The AppDynamics Design Language and Philosophy

In quantum mechanics, atoms can transform between two states; their ground state, and their excited state. Our design language and philosophy, Quantum, is created on this same principle: to capture the positive charge that is created when different levels of energies collide.

Ebooks & White papers

Ebooks & White papers

Product brochures

Customer Case Studies

Business cards with personal electron codes


A wide range of icons and pictograms were created, corresponding with the design of the electrons and the typography.

Brand identity guidelines

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AppDynamics by Cisco