The idea of this kit is to make communication with supernatural powers easier and not looking as something weird. Each of us has some strange beliefs and habits. Many people nowdays are still staying superstitious. For me this shouldn’t be considered as something archaic, it just sould be turned into more friendly form.
This kit is produced specially to organize your workspace with all possible comfort. 
It will help one to come up easily with any important decision. Specially for this in here presents a wooden coin, that one can throw up and get one of two possible answers: “BLESS” or “CURSE” (which mean “YES” and “NO” pro tanto)
With help of this kit one can make all technical equipment surrounding you work properly all the time. It contains an envelope “PROTECT YOUR WORK” with list of all prayers one can need while working.
With help of best black tea and coffee inside this kit you will not only always stay cheerful. As a bonus one will never more be have to worry about your future, it will become clear. Inside of both cans there are put instructions for coffee and tea reading. Fortune-telling not distracting from work—it’s a dream that came true.
And of course none of us wants to tempting fate so in this kit there is a wooden mouse pad with reminder on it, so it will always bw near at hand.
This kit is not made to be percieved as a serious thing. It is playful and it is supposed to a nice addition to one’s strangeness and eccentricity.