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COMFORTER - Full branding

Client: Comforter™ / Furniture & accessories
Creative Director: David Rikiashvili
Senior Designer: Tornike Bokuchava
Designer: Elene Shengelia
PM: Elene Tchavtchanidze
Camera: Levan Lekiashvili
CG: Beqa Ichqiti
Agency: Connect Co. All rights reserved
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Ultimate Comfort with Modern Touches​​​​​​​

Comforter is a newly opened furniture store, located on a busy Kazbegi Avenue, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Established with an idea of providing customers with modern, yet comfortable furniture, interior design accessories and deco elements, brand is committed to offer affordable prices and high quality service.

In a very short term Comforter turned heads, because of its distinguished logo and minimalistic style, exceptionally beautiful furniture pieces and reasonable prices. Comforter captivates passers to think of renovating their interiors, with enchanting furniture and deco as offered by the brand.

Creating the Logo
We felt from the very start that Comforter’s visual identity had to be authentic. Certainly with modern vibes, but never superficial. Thus, we used old-school methods instead of digital instruments and worked on the logo by hand, step-by-step, carefully measuring every movement. At first the concept of the logo was sketched, then shapes cut out and finally, Comforter’s  logo was born.

In the process we physically felt the materials, interacted with scents and fabrics. Having inhaled the mood of logo, it is no wonder, this ambience diffused to the whole brand

The work was not yet finalized, as we proceeded to work on with logo’s graphic details, which needed to come to life. With paper cut figures and shapes, we created different boards and integrated Comforter’s “smile” into the real world. Putting together paper- made everyday objects, humans and pets has given Comforter’s major symbol a life of its own.


Base Shapes and Graphic Elements of Logo

You may agree that it is not one of the easiest tasks to convey brand’s whole philosophy into a simple figure. That being the case, we chose three main symbols closely connected to brand and its values, before starting to work on the logo itself, those symbols are:

Solid surface - a simple line, symbolizing earth, stability, high quality.
Positive smile - symbolizing positive attitude towards customers, reliability and free spirit.
​​​Circlean ideal geometric figure representing completion, wholeness and harmony.

COMFORTER - Full branding