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    Book about Icelandic electronic musician.
Wired Up Vol. I
The book about electronic music was my graduation project from graphic design department at Iceland Academy of Arts.
In Iceland, the genre of electronic music has never before been documented, therefore the book project offers a unique opportunity to document the local electronic music scene in every way.
The book combines Icelandic book design and Icelandic electronic music for the first time ever and features an exciting crossover of the two genres and aims at visualizing the electronic music via graphic design.
The project is a book about the current electronic music scene in Iceland based on interviews with the artists from two major record labels in Iceland at the moment: Móller Records and Muhaha Records.

Instalation at the exhibition 
You can see complete book here:
This book has not been published yet. If you are interested and would like to support the publishing, don't hesitate to contact me.