~Pune Diwali Fest~ 
Pune Diwali Fest (PDF), a Sakal initiative, first came into public existence 3 years ago.
Since then, PDF has retained its place in the hearts of the people with its entertainment and shopping quotients.
The scenario in every home before Diwali is that of pandemonium and chaos. In short, its a complete 'Circus'! Running around to make purchases, shopping, arranging festive sweets, other Diwali preparations; in addition, the routine chores of the home as well!
Amongst all of this, a Circus is born! 
The visuals of PDF ad campaign have a mixture of the character of the Puneri people and the festive season all under one 'tent'. The aim, whilst making the creative  was to project the Puneri shopping experience with all its thrill, humor, excitement and innovative behavior of individuals. The visuals have people performing death defying stunts to win prizes.
Families, the regular performers in the circus, animals, birds and many characters are seen to have taken center stage.  These characters joking around, gossiping, laughing or at times even intruding on the performer and sometimes almost irrelevant, create a perfect chaos. 
These situations topped with diaogues of the characters make the visuals all the more engaging.
* * *
Full Page Launch Advertisement
Screen recordings made while making the drawings and the finished illustrations
put together into an audiovisual format