In Conversation
In the beginning of 2018 there was an incredible serge in femicide cases
in Johannesburg, cases that affected black women primarily. Every other day, there was
a story popping up on Twitter about black women being murdered by their significant others. This was upsetting and I, personally, felt horrified and helpless. 

This inspired me to invite black creative womxn who work throughout Johannesburg
to a round table discussion. We are paid to solve problems for brands daily but we tend
to put issues that affect us directly on the back burner, I wanted this round table to put
a spotlight these issues and remind us of our responsibly to our community.

The theme was inspired by the bad-ass that is Grace Jones and this is the collateral that
I designed:
First, questions were posted on social media to provoke conversational topics
Both Instagram and Facebook posts were created
Program for the night
Before the night ended, guests were given two sets of cards. Self affirmation cards,
and friend affirmation cards. Self affirmation cards, on which, guests where encouraged
to write themselves an affirmation based on what they learnt from the conversation.
Friend affirmation cards, on which guests would write an affirmation
to the person sitting next to them.
In Conversation

In Conversation

This is a passion project. In the beginning of 2018, I decided to host a dinner for womxn who work throughout the creative industry in Johannesbu Read more


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