I first create an organically-composed autonomous drawing with marker or pen-and-ink on a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper; the form of this drawing is based upon the organizational proportions and patterns of life much like a Mandala.

     The drawing is then cut into the various individual elements based upon the desired layering and depth of the elements. 

     After pasting these individual elements to card stock they are arranged into the separate layers and attached to a base card stock starting from the bottom layer of elements and working up the structure at various heights. The assembled Paper Structure is mounted to a base of foam board layers.

     Finally, details and highlights are added to the Paper Structure and its foam board base using black and white acrylic paint.

The artwork is titled/identified on the reverse and ready for hanging.
I chose to sell these original pieces of work through Saatchionline.com.  I like that there are so many pieces of amazing work selling alongside my own work.  The community is filled with talented artists.  I also like selling under the Saatchi branding; we'll see how it goes:
So if you've been thinking you need a bit more White Chocolate Wonderland in your world, check it out.