Gira-histórias ("turn-stories") is what could be named a paper storyteller.
It's concept is the preservation of the oral tradition, based on the gesture
of telling bedtime stories and the interaction between a parent and it's child.

In order to accomplish my objective, I devised a sort of mutable object,
a kaleidocycle, that would only make use of images and no text, so that it
could be targeted to very young infants and appeal to them, being a sort of
a toy they could play with; and also an object that would not need to be
translated or adapted, in order to be sold in different countries.
The starting point to this project was a sentence from the article "Beam me
up, Scotty!" by Li Elderkoort:
"...a place where multiple variations can develop, in which derivatives will
be born and hybrids can pop up to form new and unknown species."
This object could feature very different stories. In this case, I decided to
feature "Hansel and Gretel" by the Grimm Brothers and "The Fox and the
Crow", one of Aesop's fables. Both are well know stories in Portugal and
Europe also.

The progression of "Hansel and Gretel is shown below.
The four scenes of "The Fox and the Crow".