Supernature packaging

The brand
Supernature has a vision that "young" urbanites should eat healthy and nutritious food in an active everyday life. They are pioneers in the superfood category in Norway, and with this rebrand they aim to redefine both themselves and what is currently a static market in Norway. They aspire to normalise the use of superfoods in everyday life through the distribution of information and knowledge via channels that are relevant to their expanded target group. They aim to create a more healthy and more sustainable tomorrow.

To meet Supernature´s aspirations, this new branding and packaging range is designed to entice new customers outside of the company’s traditional customer base. This is achieved through clear, simple design solutions and an instagram-able appeal.

In keeping with the brand's sustainable approach, the bags have been reduced to more user friendly sizes, with less air and more content.

Due to the light sensitive nature of the food, the packaging system could not be transparent in order to show the content. Therefore a tempting colour palette was carefully developed in order to communicate the flavours and colours of the the natural products contained within the re-sealable bags.
The slanted design element and the bag´s natural material spins out of the brand’s name which consists of two parts: Super and Nature. ´Super´ signalises energy and effect, and ´nature´ signalises clean, sustainable food from quality controlled sources. This translates visually to the contrast between the ‘super’ colours that are inspired by the raw ingredients and the natural paper encasement.
The solution
The trick here has been to explain products which might be considered foreign and unusual, whilst communicating in the language of food. This has been achieved through the creation of a design system with text and icons that not only serve to guide the customers in the use of the products, but also have a decorative role. These elements succinctly provide the customers with the information they need to know about the products at different levels: what the products can be used for; tips for how to use them; recipes that they can be incorporated into; and importantly the effect that the products have on the body. There is something nice about being able to pick up a new raw food product and immediately know what to use it for and how to use it!
Supernature packaging