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    2nd Level 1st semester BA project woman takes the leading role by strict and progressive shapes and forms. a shirt dress for AW 13/14
Shirt, a wardrobe and catwalk staple. 
This project was aiming to develop creativity and innovation through process. Beggining with, i made a research in depth on three selected designers to understand how they manipulate the shirt. Following, with 2D shape exploration i created ten shirt collages on Adobe Photoshop. For the final presentation of part A, two final boards were produced on Adobe Illustrator, presenting four of my most effective design ideas through 2D shape exploration.
A creative "mariage" of Baroque era and the 40s was the final effect for part B.
Elegance and minimal details along with German Expressionism with dramatic dimensions, distorted and angular shadow frames was my detail focus for the 40s. 
At the same time was Baroque with full and exaggerated silhouettes.
In both periods woman caught my attention. She had the leading role! Sensitive, sensual, with imperial gaze and dynamism she was my main inspiration. Final, triangle as a progressive symbol, represented her.