Keys to success in new Media
A few advices to make youtube videos stand out
It has to be personal.
The Author has to be in the frame talking to the camera or at least use his own voice and speak about himself and his experiences. Or at least have a natural way to speak and communicate.
Don’t be general. Target your audience.

You have to know very well what about are your videos and for what kind of audience they are.
7 Seconds of Attention

Put all you have in the first seconds: information, emotion, engagement.
Speak directly to your audience. “YOU and ME”

In the first 5 seconds it has to be said the word “you” at least one time but better two or three. “I am going to tell you how you are going to learn something about yourself.”
Go to the point. Use the word “THIS”
Long Videos are better for youtube.

A classical explainer video ist short and concise but this is only when you speak about a product or company. Educational or informative videos has to be longer to be deeper.
Good research and sources.

As an explainer video is a summary of a long and a deep thema, it is very important to have experts or name our sources.

Recognizable Design
Simple +-+
More videos = More Views

Daily Vlogging (Habit Formation)

You have to upload content at least 3 or 4 times a week.
How Casey Neistat changed YouTube forever
Creating a new chanel:

How Peter McKinnon gained 1 million subscribers in under 1 year
Step 1. Gaining Attention

Step 2. Quality Content

Stp 3. Growing Relationships with Audience

Viral Video Attempts

Often in List/Tutorial Format

High Sharebility

Make People want to click

Aesthetic Video Thumbnails
Design a Brand with Titles and Intro.

Introduce the video topic and what the audience will learn before the Intro

You have to give to recive members

The viewer has to have a perceived benefit, learn something, feel in debt with the creator.
Youtube Longevity and personal connection
Being personal (personal brand)

Positivly greets


Reveal personal stuff

Ask to subscribe, comment and hit the like button
Fair Use

More or less: 70 % has to be your material and 30% can be from others

Cite Multiple Sources

Give Proper Credit

Fair Use on YouTube
Videos with copyright have to be SHORT

Break it down, comment or respond to this content. Interact with it. Transform it.

Take the clip out of content.

Modify the original clip.


MLA Format:
No goes
Marketing Strategies:

Message - Thema - Point of View

It is important to have a very clear message, thema and to go for it in every new video. And to have a strong point of view that takes you out of the masses.

Three act structure:

Presentation of the problem
Only one point, only one question (Can be a real question)

Explain how it can solve the problem
Tell about how to solve the problem with three points (Only three, not so many informations about a subject)
Say less and say it well.

Summary and Call to action
It is very important to give a solution, to point in a direction where the audience can solve the problem.
It is very good too to give a “benediction”, wish the audience success and luck. Say something like “May you…”


0. Title

1. Hook. 5-10 sec.
Explain what are you going to solve or explain if the viewer stay till the end. This sentence has to be a hook to mantain attention.
2. Intro Logo. 2 sec.
3. Tell something about the chanel and ask to suscribe.
4. Explain it! Part 1
5. Invite to comment something concrete
6. Explain it! Part 2
7. Final
Thank to be with you till the end. Ask to suscribe. Ask to comment. Ask to like. Ask to share.
8. Tags
9. Video Description

Technical stuff.

Which platform define the format:
If you want to speak about history and politics I would recommend to use real videos and pictures.
It is good to have 2 cameras, one with a longer and one with a shorter framing.
Always moving (little zoom)
It is better if there is more movement in the frame. Sometinmes a soft zoom in can solve this.

Which media?
Photo, vídeo, animation, direct speaking to the camera, only one media, mixed media.

Sprecher mit Greenscreen
Mix Media
On acting
Be prepared, write a script but don’t memorize the words or use a teleprompter. You have to feel the words, they have to come with meaning out of your mouth.
It is good to move between jump cuts to mantain attention
And that's it for now
Keys to success in new Media

Keys to success in new Media


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