The Sleeper Bike

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  • We curated and built the Sleeper Bike to illustrate the simplicity that alternative energy vehicles could embody.  We created a hand-built leather battery bag and accessories, utlizing a readily available electric bike kit from Clean Republic and a Sutro frame from Mission Bicycles.  The bike is lightweight, easy to ride, and simple to use. Devoid of the bulky looking controls and appendages that often plague electric bikes, this bike fits seamlessly into the user's daily life.  The high torque motor assists the user up any hill San Francisco can dish out.
  • You can buy the kit that I used to build the Sleeper Bike!  It is available as the Hill-Topper Kit with a full built front wheel that mounts to your existing bike in minutes, or as a Pro-Kit, which includes a hub that you can build into your own custom rims.  I used the 20 mile Lithium Pro-Kit. There are several lithium based kits available in a range of mileage and price from $499 to $795. You can buy one here.
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