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Stage Series- Display Furniture Collection
Stage Series | Display collection for Natural Way 3-Generation Academy 
Chinese Craft Gallery | for Natural Way 3-Generation Academy ​​​​​​​

Natural Way 3-Generation Academy is a experimental school which  has committed to building an oriental education system to promoting Chinese cultural thinking and inheriting the ancient ancestors' wisdom and crafts.  It serves between 0-100 years old integrating education, culture, crafts, life and aesthetics, a spiritual place where three generations can live together, learn together, and share a wonderful life experiences.

The collection design for Natural Way Experimental Educational Elementary School (3-Generation Academy)
to accompany farmers market and Chinese craft exhibition in the new campus in Zhubei, Hsinchu.
This work needs to be convenient for various purposes and activities, and to make a diverse and customized combination to easily set up in different areas of the campus, like outdoor walkways, squares, basements, workshops and classrooms.

Field Investigation  & Chinese Craft Research

The school teaches traditional Chinese crafts such as metalworking, woodworking, pottery, papermaking, dyeing and weaving, decoration and brewing. 
In addition to the workshops on the field of the new campus, the project also went to other school districts (Zhudong Campus) to find and research related objects and materials, as well as to understand the traditional skills education policy, trying to extract elements from the oriental traditional culture to transform a furniture design notion.

Clue Brainstorming

This was my honor to be the major host during the brainstorming, it was precious opportunity to spark idea with educators, craftsmen and the chairman of the Natural Way to understand their demand and expectation for the market and exhibitions in the future. 

Though a important pastiche method, we can easily to mutually express and present personal views that helped me generate interesting ideas and develop suitable display furniture including function, style and installation for Natural Way 3-Generation Academy.
3-Generation 三代人
3-Generation is a place where children, middle-aged and elderly people can learn, play, and share together. The display of furniture needs to be combined into a unrestrained platform that can be used and interacted by people of all ages and heights to do multiple activities and work.

Chinese Native Culture 文化母語
Looking for ancient memories and roots from Chinese culture, combining oriental crafts and aesthetics,
reinterpreting everyday life in the 21st century.

Solicitude 關懷
In addition to being used as an outdoor stall in the local farmers market, it also needs to be used as an indoor exhibition equipment or classroom furniture. Therefore, the design pursues lightweight, simple installation, convenient storage, and easy to move to different floors and surroundings.

Design Sketch
From the initial of design sketch, we think outside the box to make conceptual exhibition ideas for each workshop,
and finally limit to the modular furniture collections.

STAGE SERIES  Material: Oak, Rattan Plaited
Inspired by traditional Chinese benches and Shan Shui landscapes, mountains, rivers, sunrise 
and sunset in its form.​​​​​​​

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Stage Series- Display Furniture Collection